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Activation and Deactivation problems with AVG

Activation connects an application or service to a valid user license.

In most applications, the process is simple and takes place automatically when you log in. However, errors may occur, for example, if you are unable to connect to the activation server, your license is not active, or you are attempting to install an application on more than two computers.

Here are AVG Help Support Number  solutions to some common activation issues for products other than Creative Cloud.

Is the date and time on your computer correct?

An inaccurate computer system clock can cause activation problems. Have you recently reset the date and time of your computer? Verify that the computer’s system clock is set to the correct date and time.

Are you connected to the Internet?

Make sure you are connected to the Internet before trying to activate. If you are connected and you are still experiencing connectivity errors, try the solutions provided in Advanced Connectivity Troubleshooting. Or contact AVG Contact Number for assistance. Your serial number or AVG ID must be ready.

The application is installed on too many computers?

If you purchased a single license for AVG software, you can install the application on two computers. However, you can use it on a single computer at any given time. To install the application on a third computer, you must disable the application on one of the first two computers.

Verify that you are connected to the Internet, start the application you want to disable, and

Choose Help > Disable.

If you want to run an application on multiple computers simultaneously, purchase another license from the AVG Antivirus Store.

Did you lose access to your previous computer?

If you cannot access the previous computer on which you installed the application – if it was stolen, lost, broken, or locked – you will need to contact us by chat or by phone. To enable quick resolution, make sure you have all the information related to your purchase at hand.

Do you need to activate offline?

Creative Cloud, Acrobat DC and subscriptions require online activation. See Sign in and sign out to enable Creative Cloud applications.

For CS6, CS5.5, and CS5 products, if the computer on which the software is installed cannot connect to the Internet or AVG Activation Servers, you can activate your software offline. For instructions, contact AVG Support Phone Number.

Deactivation Issues- What is deactivation?

Disabling disconnects an application or service from a valid user license. You can disable an application without uninstalling it from your computer, and you can reactivate it later. Disabling problems may occur, for example, if you cannot access the computer on which you want to disable an installed application.

Have you uninstalled your application without disabling it?

Uninstalling an application from a computer does not disable its license. To disable an application, follow the steps below for your product. If you uninstalled your application from a computer that you cannot access, see did you lose access to your previous computer?


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